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Experience the Thrill of NBA중계: Korean Broadcasts of NBA Games

Experience the Excitement of NBA중계

NBA중계 is an unparalleled experience for all basketball fanatics out there! If you’re a fan of NBA games, it is guaranteed to provide you with the dose of thrill and action you crave. But what exactly is NBA중계, you ask?

Defining NBA중계

In simple terms, NBA중계 refers to the Korean broadcasts of NBA games. With high-definition visuals and comprehensive commentary, NBA중계 provides a spectacular way to enjoy the games, no matter where you are. From regular season games to the playoffs, and through to the championships, NBA중계 ensures you have full access to all the action.

The Magic of NBA중계

Isn’t there something fascinating about witnessing the drama of a last-second shot or the elegance of a perfectly executed assist in real-time? brings you right to the heart of the game, allowing you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of professional basketball. With NBA중계, you’re no longer just a bystander; you’re part of the action.

Enjoy NBA중계 Anywhere, Anytime

One of the biggest perks of NBA중계 is its accessibility. Whether you’re on the move or lounging back at home, NBA중계 ensures that you never miss a dribble, a dunk, or a dramatic finale! Now, isn’t that a game-changer?


In conclusion, NBA중계 is not just a sports broadcast; it’s a sports novelty that brings the nail-biting action and excitement of NBA games right to your screens. With NBA중계, you can experience the rush, the tension, and the pure magic of the game whenever you desire.


What is NBA중계?
A1> NBA중계 refers to the Korean broadcasts of NBA games.

How can I watch NBA중계?
A2> You can watch NBA중계 on various platforms, including online streaming services like .

Can I watch NBA중계 on my mobile device?
A3> Yes, NBA중계 is available across various devices, including your mobile, providing a seamless viewing experience wherever you are.

Are all NBA games available on NBA중계?
A4> Yes, NBA중계 covers regular season games as well as playoffs and championships.

Is NBA중계 available in high definition?
A5> Yes, most NBA중계 broadcasts offer high-definition viewing, making your basketball experience richer and more immersive.

The Ultimate Big Game Saltwater Fishing Reel

Penn Senator 9/0 Star Drag Saltwater Fishing Reel 2.5:1 Big Game Model 115L2

The Penn Senator 9/0 (model 115L2) is the worlds best known big game trolling reel. This rugged workhorse has earned IGFA big game world records for more years than any other reel in the industry. Now this classic is offered with a custom frame constructed from one piece of aircraft grade aluminum to reduce frame twist and improve rigidity under heavy loads.


Penn Senator 9/0 Star Drag Saltwater Fishing Reel 2.5:1 Big Game Model 115L2

The Penn Senator series is world renowned as the most universally respected, durable star-drag saltwater fishing reel ever made. Its rugged design allows it to be an offshore workhorse that has amassed more IGFA Big Game world records than any other reel in its class. This hard-working reel is a must-have for trolling anglers looking for dependability at a great price. This dependable reel features Bakelight sideplates and stainless steel frame rings, machined and anodized aluminum spool, marine grade bronze alloy main gear, and a multi-disc star drag system with smooth HT-100 drag washers. Other features include 2 shielded stainless steel ball bearings, a heavy duty clicker, and a convertible power handle. A graphite rod clamp is included. This new custom frame features a forged aluminum construction that eliminates the chrome-over-brass crossbar found on previous frames and enhances rigidity to prevent frame-flex.

Gear Ratio

A classic 9/0 senator with a low gear ratio for trolling, casting and bottom fishing for large saltwater gamefish such as Amberjack, Marlin and Tuna. This reel is also suitable for tackling other larger species such as Grouper, Giant Black Seabass and Halibut.


First launched in 1936, the legendary Senator series has endured the test of time and is world renowned as one of the most universal, respected star drag reels on the market today. This venerable workhorse has amassed more IGFA big game world records than any other brand in existence and is the choice of serious saltwater anglers everywhere. Its rugged design makes it equally at home “bucktailing” striper bass at Montauk or albacore trolling off California, wreck fishing off New Jersey or giant halibut in Alaska. HT-100 drag washers ensure smooth drag under heavy loads and a stainless steel frame rings enhance rigidity to prevent frame-flex. These features make the Senator a truly versatile workhorse that will not let you down.

Line Capacity

The 9/0 senator spooled with 60-100 pound test line will allow you to trolling for larger saltwater game fish such as Amberjack, Tuna, Black Seabass, Grouper, and Giant Halibut. This kit includes a custom made frame made from aircraft grade aluminum which replaces 4 of the original chrome over brass crossbars on the stock senator allowing for increased strength and a sleek look.

The powerful and durable PENN Senator has written the book on saltwater angling, with over 180 IGFA world records held by this classic reel. Serious fishermen rely on the Senator for a wide range of applications, from “bucktailing” striper bass at Montauk to albacore trolling off California, wreck fishing in Florida or tackling giant halibut in Alaska.

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The Growing Significance of Site Distributors in the Digital World

All About 사이트 총판: An Insightful Journey in the Digital World

The world of the digital market is always in a state of flux. Amid this continuous evolution, the concept of 사이트 총판, or site distributor, has grown in prominence. Do you know why?

Understanding 사이트 총판

A 사이트 총판 is a key factor that determines the reach, influence, and success of an online platform. They are the backbone that drives traffic and users towards a specific digital site or platform. The role of a site distributor may seem simple at first glance, but the reality is complex and multifaceted. Interested to know more?

The Role of a 사이트 총판

From increasing digital footprints to optimizing search engine results, a 사이트 총판 plays an imperative role in the virtual space. Their responsibilities may also include managing client relationships, developing digital marketing strategies, and implementing new technologies. In today’s fast-paced digital age, the role of a is more relevant than ever.

Why are 사이트 총판 Critical?

From start-ups to major corporations, businesses rely on 사이트 총판 to increase their visibility and reach in the digital landscape. They work closely with organizations to craft a digital presence that caters to their specific needs and objectives. Without the expertise of , growing a digital platform would be a feat in itself.

The Future of 사이트 총판

As digital landscapes continue to evolve, 사이트 총판 will become increasingly impactful. With digital platforms on the rise, the demand for these distributors will undoubtedly surge. Stay tuned to this exciting digital world where 사이트 총판 continue to rule the roost.

In conclusion, a 사이트 총판 is not just a distributor; they are an inevitable part of our increasing reliance on the digital world. And as our reliance grows, so does the importance of these digital heroes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a 사이트 총판?
A: A 사이트 총판 is a site distributor that drives traffic and users to a specific online platform.

Q: What role does a 사이트 총판 play?
A: A 사이트 총판 plays a crucial role in digital marketing, managing client relationships, strengthening online presence, and implementing new technologies.

Q: Why are 사이트 총판 essential?
A: From start-ups to corporate giants, every organization needs a 사이트 총판 to improve their online visibility and reach in the fast-paced digital market.

Q: How do 사이트 총판 affect business growth?
A: 사이트 총판 are instrumental in enhancing online visibility, driving traffic, and consequentially increasing business reach and potential for growth in the digital space.

Q: What is the future of 사이트 총판?
A: With the rise of digital platforms, the demand and impact of 사이트 총판 will continue to grow.…

Rick Scott Running for Reelection in Florida

Senator Rick Scott Is Running For Reelection This Fall

Senator Rick Scott is running for reelection this fall in Florida. He recently downplayed expectations for Republicans to capture the Senate, saying “candidate quality has a lot to do with it.”

Scott also raised eyebrows when he released an 11-point plan with some controversial ideas. These included requiring all Americans to pay income tax and allowing laws to sunset after five years.

He’s a family man

During his second term as Florida governor, Scott launched a 2024 campaign for the U.S. Senate, where he faces Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. Scott earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and a law degree from Southern Methodist University. He served in the Navy for 29 months, including as a radar technician on USS Glover.

In a bid to court evangelical voters, Scott emphasized his faith and has made his wife Casey a frequent presence at events and in ads. However, some potential donors have expressed concerns about his private life, which includes three marriages and alleged affairs.

Scott has endorsed policies that critics say promote the interests of wealthy interests at the expense of lower-income Floridians. He has backed a proposal to require that state workers pass drug tests and voted against a bill that would restore voting rights to nonviolent felons who complete their sentences. He also opposes the teaching of critical race theory, an academic framework that presents the idea that America’s institutions reinforce white dominance.

He’s a businessman

After graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University, Scott started his business career as a partner in a Dallas firm. He later founded Columbia Hospital Corporation, which merged with another company to form Columbia/HCA, the largest for-profit healthcare company in the nation at the time. Scott was CEO of the company until it collapsed amid allegations of fraud, resulting in 14 felony convictions and what was at the time the biggest health care fraud settlement in history.

Democrats spent millions attacking Scott over his connection to the company during his 2010 gubernatorial campaign and his 2014 reelection race, but the issue was never a kill shot for him. It’s a key part of his story, though, and one that has shaped his conservative view of government’s role in society and his political career.

He’s a fighter

Rick Scott is a Navy veteran who has worked his whole life to make Florida the best place to grow a family and run a business. As governor, he cut burdensome regulations and fought to give Floridians the highest-quality education in the country, ensuring they can find work and build a good life.

He was also a champion of law and order, taking on the illegal sale of fentanyl online and signing an executive order to enhance criminal penalties for those who violate state laws. Scott also earned the endorsements of 59 sheriffs, as well as dozens of local law enforcement officials.

He was elected to the Senate in 2018, where he defeated longtime Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and served on the USS Glover as a radar technician. He was the co-owner of the Texas Rangers and later served as CEO of Columbia/HCA until 1997. He has also been an entrepreneur and is the founder of two healthcare companies.

He’s a friend

During his gubernatorial campaign Scott took on a favorite of the GOP establishment and won the nomination with a message focused on jobs, private-sector job growth, and a push for term limits. He defeated Democrat Bill Nelson in a surprisingly close race that saw multiple machine and manual recounts.

In the Senate he’s fought hard to make sure Florida continues to be a great place for families and businesses. He’s worked on issues ranging from hurricane recovery and the fentanyl crisis to school safety and combating Iran-backed terrorists.

Despite the fact that he grew up in public housing and was raised by his adoptive father, who was a World War II veteran truck driver and store clerk, Scott built one of the nation’s largest healthcare companies. That made him a natural opponent of Obamacare and a natural ally of President Trump. It also meant he had views on health care that were destined to clash with those of Obama, who built his presidential legacy on the issue.

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NY Senators 2023: Elections, Partisanship, Legislation, and Budget Updates

NY Senators 2023

After a week in Washington, student delegates write essays about their experience. Some of these essays are edited and published in the USSYP yearbook. Others are unedited and available here.

The panel admonished Menendez for accepting gifts from donor Salomon Melgen and using his position to advance his interests. He faces corruption charges.



Every two years, New York voters go to the polls to elect state senators. New York City residents will also vote for the City Council and other local races. Enter your address to see exactly what’s on your ballot.

The 2023 elections are the first to feature City Council races using ranked choice voting. This allows you to rank candidates in order of preference instead of selecting just one candidate.

Democratic Council Member Justin Brannan and former Republican City Council Member Ari Kagan are facing off in a competitive race in Brooklyn’s 43rd District. The seat was newly drawn following redistricting to include a large Asian-majority population in southern Brooklyn. Brannan is expected to have an edge over Kagan, who drew some criticism for her support of President Trump and for her focus on issues like housing and public safety in the past.

Democrat Lynn Schulman isn’t taking her reelection in a diverse Queens district that grew more conservative after redistricting in 2021. She faces a challenge from Republican Danniel Maio and a Democrat named Sukhi Singh running on the Common Sense Party line.


A Democrat-controlled state Senate and Assembly now face the prospect of holding on to their veto-proof supermajorities in 2023. That would make it nearly impossible for Republicans to overturn any gubernatorial vetos.

In addition, the new district lines undo some of the gerrymandering that favored Republicans in previous decades. For example, the previously contorted Senate Districts in New York City encapsulating voters from South Brooklyn and Manhattan no longer contain hooks extending into other neighborhoods.

The redrawn districts also make the Assembly and Senate more compact and less partisan, he said. A new map for the Senate, for instance, removes a loop encompassing Brooklyn’s Crown Heights and Sunset Park neighborhoods in the 20th District represented by Democrat Zellnor Myrie.


Each year, thousands of pieces of legislation pass through Albany’s complex process on their way to the governor’s desk or legislative oblivion. This page provides an overview of bills that are getting a lot of attention in 2023.

New York State is one of 36 states that requires a two-thirds majority vote in both houses of the legislature to override the governor’s veto. This threshold is defined in Article IV, Section 7 of the Constitution.

NYSSCPA continues to support the expansion of e-signature laws, with a focus on the inclusion of Power of Attorney documents. This bill would also require real estate listings to include the energy consumption and energy performance ratings of homes for sale or lease.

This bill will provide a sales tax exemption for books, magazines, and pamphlets sold at school sponsored book fairs or events hosted by Friends of Libraries groups. NYSSCPA is urging the governor to alternatively recommend chapter amendments that achieve the same goals in a narrowly tailored manner.


After weeks of intense NYSUT advocacy, the State Legislature passed a $229 billion spending plan. It includes the full funding of Foundation Aid for school year 2023-24, a 10% increase over last year’s level.

The budget also includes Internet connectivity for all, historic investments in downtown areas, and tax relief for small businesses, homeowners and MWBEs. It doesn’t raise personal income taxes but does extend the corporate tax rate.

It also creates a new pilot program for free NYC bus rides, though that will only be for one year. Finally, it increases the general reserve to $750 million and includes provisions to avoid a future revenue shortfall. The Budget, Part DD, amends the False Claims Act to include actions against individuals who knowingly conceal or fail to pay an obligation of any kind to the State. It also extends the film production credit to level two qualified facilities and makes other modifications.

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Penn 6/0 Senator Fishing Reels: Strong and Durable Reels for Big Game Fishing.

PENN 6/0 Senator Fishing Reels

PENN Senator reels have been holding more IGFA big game world records than any other reel on the market since 1936. This tried and true series is durable enough to be passed down from father to son and strong enough to handle everything from movie-sized sharks to wrecking for conger, cod, and rockfish.

HT-100 drag washers

The HT-100 drag washers on the Spinfisher VI are a great feature that will help you achieve a smooth drag. They are also housed in a fully sealed spool, which helps to keep saltwater out of the gearbox and spool. This will help you fish longer and harder without having to worry about saltwater in your reel.

Another thing to consider is using a good quality drag grease on your washers. This will allow them to disperse heat better and extend their life. Also, it will prevent them from grinding against each other when under heavy load.

To find the right size for your reel, you can measure the stock drag washers in your reel, and then compare them to the dimensions of the HT-100 washers. You can then order a set of HT-100 washers online, or you can ask your local tackle shop to get them for you. You may have to cut down the outside diameter of the HT-100 washers, depending on the size of your reel.

Stainless steel frame rings

Stainless steel jump rings are a great alternative to silver and provide a sleek, modern look. They are strong and durable, so they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. They are also resistant to corrosion and rust, making them an excellent choice for men’s jewelry.

Stainless Steel Rings are inexpensive and come in a variety of masculine designs. They are also easy to maintain and clean. They are also a good option for men who work in industries that require strict hygienic conditions. Unlike gold or silver, they are not a conductor of electricity.

Stainless steel rings are also hypoallergenic, which makes them suitable for people with sensitive skin. They are also lighter and more comfortable than other metals, making them a good choice for those who are prone to sweating. Moreover, they are perfect for people who are allergic to other precious metals such as silver or gold. Lastly, they are more affordable than rings made of precious metals.

Stainless steel pinion gear

Stainless steel pinion gear converts rotational motion into linear motion and transmits power. They are used in a wide variety of machines, including machine tools and elevators. They are particularly useful in applications where high accuracy is required. These gears are usually made of a rectangular rod with gear teeth on both sides. They are also known as rack and pinion spur gears.

Pinion gears are available in a variety of manufacturing types and tooth sizes, with differing force capacity and accuracy levels. Stainless steel pinion gears are often machinable and have good corrosion resistance. They are also able to support encoder readings with a small amount of backlash.

Stainless steel rack and pinion gears should be lubricated regularly to prevent metal-to-metal contact on the gear mesh. Using an automatic lubrication system is preferable because it can be easily controlled and provides precise dosing of lubricant. The unobtainium material, which is impervious to rust and corrosion, is ideal for gears, but has yet to be developed.

Stainless steel main gear

Stainless steel main gears are stronger and more durable than standard brass gears. They are also far more resistant to corrosion. They can withstand high loads and are able to handle the most severe environments. This makes them ideal for fishing reels that are used by anglers who target larger fish and use higher drag settings.

The smallest gears in a lever-drag system are called pinions, and the heaviest are mains. They can be made out of a variety of materials, but the most common is stainless steel. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, has low wear and is easy to machine.

Gears made of stainless steel are a vital component in robotic and automation systems, as they provide dependable power transfer. These gears can support massive weights while maintaining precise control and stability. In addition, they have excellent corrosion resistance and sleek surfaces that facilitate cleaning and help maintain a hygienic environment. However, there is one drawback to stainless steel gears – they are heavy.

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Boosting Airfreight Capacity: Maersk Acquires Senator International for $644m

Senator International – Logistics Support for Air and Sea Cargo, 4PL, Supply Chain Management and Customs Clearance

Founded in 1984, senator international provides logistics support for air and sea cargo, logistics warehousing, 4PL, packaging, event logistics and express services. The company serves customers worldwide.

Shipping giant AP Moller-Maersk has purchased freight forwarder Senator International for $644m. The acquisition aims to boost Maersk’s airfreight capacity and network. The deal will see Senator International dispose of a developed airfreight network including own controlled flights and partnerships with airlines as well as full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) networks plus specialised services across all continents.

Customs Brokerage

Customs brokers are licensed, regulated professionals that assist importers and exporters in meeting federal requirements for customs clearance. They have extensive knowledge of tariff and customs laws, rules, and regulations in different countries. They also provide a variety of other services, including documentation preparation, classification, valuation, and duty calculation.

Whether you’re shipping goods across borders or just looking for a new supply chain solution, a trusted customs broker can help you optimize your logistics and improve customer satisfaction. They can also advise you on free trade agreements that may lower your duties and taxes.

A reputable customs broker can help you avoid costly delays and penalties by ensuring that your shipments meet regulatory requirements. They can also help you take advantage of opportunities provided by free trade agreements and other government programs. Besides, they can offer you the best shipping solutions based on your business needs and budget. A good company will also place a lot of emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Air Freight

If you need to ship your goods in a hurry, air freight is the way to go. This service is typically four to five times faster than ocean shipping, and it can also be more reliable if you work with a customs broker to anticipate and handle any potential delays.

However, the cost of air freight is higher than ocean freight. In addition, it can take up to a day for your goods to arrive at their destination.

The purchase of Senator International aims to increase the level of service that Maersk offers its demanding customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The acquisition, valued at $644 million on an IFRS 16 basis, will add to Maersk’s existing airfreight capacity by adding two leased Boeing 747-400 freighter aircraft and expanding the existing owned fleet of cargo airline Star Air with the addition of two new building Boeing 777-200F freighter aircraft. The acquisition will also boost Maersk’s own controlled freight network by extending global routes through a combination of owned and chartered capacity.

Ocean Freight

When shipping products across long distances, ocean freight is the most cost-effective and efficient option. In fact, it accounts for 60% of global product shipments. This shipping mode uses large cargo ships to transport goods in containers – or ISOtainers for more bulky items like crude oil and petroleum.

Supply chain leaders who opt for this transportation mode will need to have their shipments packed and ready in advance of the ship’s departure. This will ensure that all required documents are in order and that the goods are ready to be loaded onto the ship, avoiding delays.

Additionally, safety restrictions for ocean shipments are less strict than those for air cargo. This is beneficial for products that are flammable, toxic, magnetic, or otherwise unsafe to ship via air freight.


Senator International is a logistics service provider offering air & sea cargo, logistics warehousing, 4PL, packaging, supply chain management and customs clearance. Its headquarters is in Hamburg, Germany. The company has offices worldwide. It provides logistics support for technology, fast-moving consumer goods, lifestyle and pharmaceuticals. It also offers event logistics services and express shipping solutions.

The company has a strong airfreight operation based on own controlled capacity using nineteen weekly flights. Its network is well aligned with Maersk’s own airfreight strategy and the acquisition will provide customers with extended global routes, capacity and additional services.

According to reviews left by employees on CareerBliss, Senator International is an equal opportunity employer. The company offers competitive salaries and great benefits.

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Mark Warner: A Bipartisan Leader Fighting for Military, Workforce, and Education

Senator Mark Warner – The First Member of His Family to Graduate From College

The first in his family to graduate from college, Warner spent 20 years as a technology and business leader. He co-founded the telecommunications company that became Nextel and invested in hundreds of start-up technology companies.

He directed Douglas Wilder’s 1989 gubernatorial campaign and served as chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party. He is married to Lisa Collis and they have three daughters.

Bipartisan Leader

With Democrats holding only the tiniest of Senate majorities, Mark Warner has a lot on his plate. He’s an emissary for Democratic leader Chuck Schumer in infrastructure negotiations, a moderating force on the Budget Committee (where he’ll help rein in the social spending ambitions of its irascible chairman, Bernie Sanders), and a key voice on the Intelligence Committee investigating possible Russian election meddling.

He’s also been a reliable ally in bipartisan deals as governor of Virginia, where he hewed state government to size by applying business principles and boosting private-sector jobs. A wealthy former tech investor, Warner often lightens the mood in stuffy Capitol Hill hideaway offices by bringing expensive bottles of wine to the table.

But, despite his rolodex and prowess as a dealmaker, Warner isn’t the type to hog the spotlight. He prefers to fly under the radar, and he’s doing just that this year, leading his Republican challenger by double digits in a swing state, and drawing only the occasional ire of President Trump.

Fighting for U.S. Military Men and Women

The first member of his family to graduate from college, Senator Warner forged a successful career as an executive and business leader, creating a capital-investment firm that helped grow several high-tech companies. He went on to become governor of Virginia on a promise to move the state forward, bringing economic efficiency and education reforms that turned it into America’s best state for business and the best place to get an excellent public education.

As a senator, he has continued to improve government performance and accountability while fighting for the troops and veterans who make this country great. For example, when tens of thousands of Gold Star families were improperly taxed on their survivor benefits because of a flaw in the 2017 GOP tax bill, Warner led the bipartisan effort to fix it and ensure that our military men and women have the resources they need to provide for themselves and their families. He is also committed to advancing plans for new VA medical facilities and making it easier for servicemembers to transition back to civilian life.

Investing in the Future of Work

As part of a new social contract for the future of work, Warner and co-chair Mitch Daniels are seeking to improve the balance between labor and capital. They are working to promote incentives for companies to invest in worker training and skills, as well as to increase workers’ ability to move between jobs.

A former private equity investor, Warner has brought his expertise to the Senate, helping Democratic colleagues understand complex economic issues. He also lightened up the mood in tense budget negotiations by bringing bottles of wine to stuffy Capitol Hill offices.

As Governor of Virginia, Warner helped strengthen the state’s workforce by boosting access to job skills training. He supported career and technical education initiatives, and turned abandoned warehouses into workplace development centers in distressed communities. He also encouraged business investment in the state and worked to improve public school funding. He is currently working to expand access to post-secondary education. Including his bi-partisan bill to help employers reimburse employees for tuition costs.

Investing in Education for a Lifetime

As a young man, Warner struggled to make ends meet. But he persevered and worked hard to build his own success, founding Columbia Capital, a venture-capital firm that made early investments in telecommunications companies, including Nextel.

As Governor of Virginia, Warner helped lead a bipartisan effort to cut spending and apply business principles to state government. He turned a budget shortfall into a surplus and restored Virginia’s AAA bond rating.

In the Senate, he works to bring new energy to our economy by updating oversight of Wall Street and supporting small businesses. He also fights to strengthen national security by taking foreign technology threats seriously.

Senator Warner is a cosponsor of the Jobs and Neighborhood Investment Act, a bill that would provide grants to community development financial institutions for lending to Black-owned businesses. This bill builds off of previous COVID-19 federal aid and ensures that minority-owned businesses have the same opportunity as white-owned businesses to access this vital funding.

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Child Abuse Prevention Efforts by Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti

Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti on Child Abuse Prevention

The youngest of eight children, Uresti grew up on San Antonio’s southside and graduated from McCollum High School. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from St. Mary’s University and later enrolled in law school.

In February 2017, FBI agents raided his law firm as part of an investigation into FourWinds, a fracking company. He subsequently pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bribery.

Child Abuse Prevention

SAN ANTONIO — April is child abuse prevention month. It’s a cause that State Senator Carlos Uresti of District 19 has long championed. He says he knows all too well the grim statistics: 60,000 confirmed cases of abuse and neglect in Texas last year; 150 children killed.

Primary prevention efforts are aimed at whole populations, such as billboard campaigns or talk to school groups. Secondary prevention aims to improve parenting skills with home visitation programs like the Healthy Families and Nurse-Family Partnership initiatives. Tertiary prevention involves changing the attitudes of people who have already abused or neglected a child, to prevent future abusive behavior.

Intervening in a case of abuse or neglect once it occurs is demanding, disruptive and costly to the affected child, the involved family and society. Preventing abuse and neglect from happening in the first place is a far more cost-effective strategy. That is why the CDC works to identify and promote effective prevention strategies at the individual, family, community and policy levels.

Criminal Justice

A criminal justice studies degree can help you pursue a rewarding career protecting and upholding the law. Learn more about how UMass Global’s bachelor’s degree paths in legal studies and criminal justice can get you on your way.

Carlos Uresti, the former state senator who pleaded guilty to bribery charges, was released from prison Friday. His attorney, Mikal Watts, confirmed the release, saying that the former lawmaker checked into a halfway house.

According to the federal indictment, between January 2006 and September 2016, Uresti received approximately $10,000 a month as a consultant. Half of the money was paid to Reeves County Judge Jimmy Galindo in exchange for his official actions regarding a contract for medical services at the jail.

In addition to the bribery case, Uresti was accused of sexual misconduct. In December, Annie’s List, a Democratic group that supports women candidates, called on Uresti to resign from the Senate following several sexual-harassment reports. The alleged incidents included a woman telling the organization that she was groped by Uresti during an event at the Capitol.

Health Care

As a former member of the community and an attorney representing clients, senator uresti knows that access to health care is a basic human right. He has sponsored legislation that aims to improve access to health care in Texas.

In addition to his work on behalf of his constituents, the senator is an active community activist. He serves on the board of Communities-in-Schools and hosts a back-to-school and health fair in San Antonio each year.

He also sponsors a scholarship program for students graduating from high school who want to attend law school. He is a vice chair of two Senate committees and is a member of the Energy Committee.


In the Senate, he has made child abuse prevention a top priority. He has also pushed for reform of the Texas Child Protective Services, saying the agency needs better management practices and lower caseloads per worker as well as higher salaries.

His district is one of the state’s largest, covering 35,000 square miles and all or parts of 17 counties. He’s able to reach out to his more remote constituents by holding school supply drives and holiday toy collections.

His departure leaves a seat in the state Senate that will have to be filled by a special election. Helen Madla, a longtime Southside political watcher who is the chair of the dysfunctional, politically-divided South San Antonio Independent Schools board, has said she plans to run. But few believe she will prevail.

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CMOS Sensor and its Applications

SparkFun SEN-08606 Flex Sensor

SEN-08606 is a CMOS Sensor

Unlike CCD sensors, CMOS sensors have multiple transistors at each photosite. This allows for image processing to be done on-chip, which saves power and improves image quality. They also read off electrical charges at a much faster rate, which is important for high-speed sequences.

Both CMOS and SPAD sensors use p-type and n-type semiconductors, but they operate differently. When a single photon strikes the sensor, it generates a tiny amount of charge. The CMOS sensor then needs to accumulate this charge over time to detect the photon. SPAD sensors, however, use a phenomenon known as Avalanche Multiplication to multiply the electrons generated by the single photon. This results in a large current that can be detected immediately.

This flex sensor is 4.5″ long and increases its resistance when the metal pads are bent to the outside (text on inside of bend). Leads have a popular 2.54 mm (0.1″) pitch, so this sensor can easily be connected with wires.

SEN-08606 is a CMOS Temperature Sensor

CMOS Temperature Sensors have been used in a variety of applications, including environmental monitoring and overheating protection. These sensors must have a high degree of accuracy and low power consumption. To achieve these goals, they must be constructed using cost-effective standard CMOS processes and have minimal complexity. They also need to be robust over temperature and process variations.

This paper introduces a new temperature sensor that provides an accurate and low-power solution to these challenges. The design uses a threshold voltage-based circuit to convert temperature information into a digital signal. This digital signal is then compared to the reference voltage to generate a pulse. The design is implemented in a 0.18 mm 1P6M CMOS process. Its active die area is 0.026 mm2.

The chip’s performance compares well to previous work, achieving a maximum error of 0.06 degC (3s) over the commonly used temperature range. Its small size and low power consumption make it ideal for use in embedded systems.

SEN-08606 is a CMOS Pressure Sensor

MEMS pressure sensors convert physical parameters into an electrical output. These devices have been used in a wide variety of applications from medical to space exploration. They have advantages over traditional bulky machined sensors, such as their small size and low power consumption.

CMOS-MEMS sensor technology allows for the integration of signal processing circuits and provides high sensitivity with lower noise levels. However, this technology is still evolving. Its sensitivity is affected by temperature, and the sensor requires a separate on-chip amplifier to compensate for this effect.

This paper presents the design and characterization of a resonant CMOS-MEMS pressure sensor in standard 180 nm CMOS BEOL layers. Three prototypes were designed, and their structural aspects were analyzed. The devices were characterized under different pressures, and their Q-factor was measured experimentally. The device consists of aluminum square plates connected together by tungsten vias integrated in the BEOL layer. All the devices were able to operate in slip, transition and free-molecular regimes.

SEN-08606 is a CMOS Light Sensor

The SparkFun SEN-08606 is a flex sensor which converts the amount of bend in the sensor into an electrical resistance value. The more the sensor is bent, the higher the resistance value. The flex sensor has leads with a popular 2.54 mm (0.1″) pitch, which makes it easy to connect to other components. The flex sensor is connected to a GreenPAK IC and a TowerPro servo motor. SnapMagic Search offers free symbols & footprints for this component in Eagle, Altium, Cadence OrCad & Allegro, and KiCad.

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